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Jun 16, 2011

Today, Gab with the Gurus chats with Deborah King, master healer, teacher, author of Truth Heals: What You Hide Can Hurt You, and her new book, Be Your Own Shaman: Heal Yourself and Others with 21st-Century Energy Medicine. n our Gab with the Gurus show, Deborah will help you tap into your body's own healing energies. She'll tell you about some Eastern and Western concepts of healing; how to protect yourself from psychic attack; and how to get beyond your limiting beliefs. Deborah King is a popular speaker worldwide, and she hosts a popular weekly Hay House radio show and offers an online program, 21st Century Energy Medicine.  Deborah was a successful attorney in her 20s when a diagnosis of cancer sent her on a search for truth that radically changed her life. Unwilling to undergo invasive surgery, she turned to alternative medicine and had an amazing remission at the hands of a healer. Along the way, she conquered the alcohol and drug addictions she had used to bury an abusive childhood.