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Sep 22, 2009

For this fun Gab With the Gurus show, I interview humorous author Susan Shapiro, who credits a psychoanalyst with helping her to quit smoking, marijuana and sugar addiction. The show is being edited so if you tune in now, skip until 6:59. Susan chats about her sugar addiction, therapy, writing and her debut novel, "Speed Shrinking," which provides a humorous account about a self-help author, Julia Goodman, whose cupcake addiction gets triggered when her shrink, husband and best friend "abandon" her. The catch is: The heroine is allegedly a sugar addiction specialist, who will soon appear on the "Today Show" to promote her new book about how she conquered her sugar issues! Rather than get "outed" for her weight gain and sugar challenges, Julia frantically sees eight shrinks in eight days to find a new one. Our heroine needs to kick sugar fast and slim down before appearing on television. I recommend that before this show, you have some fun reading Sue's book, "Speed Shrinking." Sue is also the author of several non-fiction books, including "Lighting Up," "Only as Good as Your Word" and "Five Men Who Broke My Heart," which was optioned for a feature film.