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Dec 30, 2010

For our last Gab with the Gurus show of the year, I'm pleased to present David Rourke, an EFT Master, Certified Trauma Specialist and Addictions Expert, who will teach you the fundamentals of an amazing technique, called EFT. He has been working in the field of addictions and trauma for over 24 years. He is president of Addiction Studies Forum Inc. David -- who has worked with EFT founder, Gary Craig -- is an EFT Master. He gives presentations at the Institute on Addiction Studies on an annual basis and has led innumerable EFT Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and EFT Specialty training workshops to a wide variety of audiences. He currently offers EFT Intensive Retreats and leads Continuing Education-approved workshops for professional counselors and therapists to teach them EFT. David’s international practice includes one-on-one counseling sessions both in person and via phone and Skype, as well as training programs, workshops and speaking engagements. He also provides individual recovery assistance to high-value persons, in the entertainment and corporate fields, returning to their careers after in-patient drug and alcohol treatment. He is the author of "The Stages of Change and Emotional Freedom Techniques: A Manual for Clinicians," as well as a 6 CD Audio Series, co-authored with EFT Master Carol Look, titled "Healing the Cycle of Addiction with EFT". For more info, visit David's website at (Tell him Connie sent you.)