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Jun 16, 2010

Women, get heard! Katie Orenstein, founder of the OpEd Project -- will share how her organization helps bring women's voices to the opinion pages. Katie, an accomplished writer and author "Little Red Riding Hood Uncloaked," will discuss the value of being on the op-ed pages and commentary forums of top media outlets. Opinion pages -– whether print, online or broadcast –- are followed by diplomats, businesspeople, scholars, and those in the highest levels of government. They feed all other media and drive thought leadership in America. What's more, they can sway public opinion and change the world. And they are open to those without publishing experience. Since women currently do not submit op-eds with anywhere near the frequency that men do, the Op Ed Project targets and trains women experts in all fields to write for the op-ed pages of major print and online forums of public discourse. The group's mission is to bring about a sea change in our national conversation, which is currently overwhelmingly dominated (85%) by men.