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Apr 27, 2011

God: What does that mean to you? In 2006, frustrated with religious turmoil, fanaticism, and fundamentalism, filmmaker Peter Rodger set out on a quest across 23 countries to shoot the epic nonfiction motion picture, Oh My God, in an attempt to understand what the concept of God meant to people in all walks of life. On today's Gab with the Gurus Radio Show, Peter, author of the exciting book, The Oh My God Chronicles, will tell you about his extraordinary adventure as he circled the globe, asking an amazing array of characters the simple (but not-so simple) question: “What is God?” He will share his story of overcoming challenges, as well as a unique travelogue and social snapshot. It delves into the pain of persevering in times of trouble and is also a testament to adhering to one’s own convictions. He'll also talk about his book, which is philosophical, searching, funny, and very personal. It will make you laugh out loud, and at other times make you cry. It is devoid of theology, but touches faith on both religious and nonreligious levels.