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Jan 27, 2011

Marina Kamen, ("Marina") is a Certified Fitness Trainer, Casting Director, Choreographer and Billboard Charting writer/producer/musician & Vocalist, who once was obese. Marina -- who lost 100 pounds -- will help you realize the power of music to help you lose weight and achieve your other dreams. She is the Leading Weight Loss Expert for Fitness Television Products on the East Coast with 3 new weight loss products coming to television in 2011. Marina is co-owner of Kamen Entertainment Group, Inc. She is also mother of 3. Companies including Gaiam, The Firm, All Star, Script to Screen, QDirect, and Hawthorne Direct have all utilized Marina’s expertise comissioning her to cast, write music and track hundreds of people to lose weight for those incredible “before & after” weight loss pictures we see on television. Marina’s music and voice has been heard on numerous commercials over the past 30 years including Verizon, Poptarts, Exxon Mobile, Equinox and Tourneau. She has worked with a multitude of celebrity talent including Liza Minnelli, James Earl Jones, Patti LaBelle, and Carnie Wilson. Marina has also choreographed for companies including Columbia Records, BMG Records, and The Naras Foundation. Marina’s Billboard charting music has been heard in health clubs and gyms around the world in addition to being used by various fitness clients including Jazzercise, Dynamix, Jackie Chan’s Cabel Flex, and Equinox Gyms. Marina is also the winner of the People’s Choice Award for her catalogue of over 1,200 Musical Health & Fitness Workout Podcasts, 400 songs and 50 albums Online for Download available at