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Dec 9, 2009

Wondering what to give your loved ones this holiday season? Five charming, wonderful guests offer you memorable, heartfelt gifts, which will boost your health and nurture you. My guests are: 1) "The Queen of Gift Giving" Robyn Spizman, founder of 2) Randi Luckman, founder of, who has partnered with me to offer "The Sweeter Life Gift Basket"; 3) Creative Visualization Expert & Love-Mind Guru Debra Berndt, creator of a Complete Relaxation Set (9 MP3s) and Weight-Loss Set (4 MP3s); 4) Arielle Fierman, creator of the I Love You rings and many more beautiful pieces of jewelry; and 5) Terry Walters, author of the acclaimed, award-winning book, CLEAN FOOD. Our guests are offering you special discounts not available anywhere else.