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Feb 11, 2010

Today's special show will feature dueling dating experts, and it should provocative and fun. In honor of Valentine's Day, we'll discuss the value or dangers of this loving or hateful tradition. My guests will be dating experts Julie Spira, a fan of Valentine's Day, and Jay Cataldo, an opponent of this "disgraceful holiday" (his words; not mine). Jay thinks that Valentine's Day causes "more trouble then it’s worth." What's more, this "Love-Ninja-turned-Valentine's hit man" believes that putting an end to Valentine’s Day will actually help strengthen relationships. On the other hand, bestselling author and Cyber-Dating Expert Julie Spira will share why this holiday is her favorite -- and that of many women -- and how it can improve relationships. She'll also share tips to make the holiday less painful on men's pocketbooks. And for those of you who are single and date-less for Valentine's Day, Julie will offer valuable tips on what to do. Both Jay and Julie also will offer tips to find love so that next Valentine's Day you're not alone.