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Jul 23, 2015

Are you tired of your diet always failing? Traci Mann, Ph.D., psychology professor and author of the new book, Secrets from the Eating Lab, will tell you on this Gab with the Gurus Show why you need to approach weight loss differently.  Dr. Mann, founder of the Health and Eating Lab at the University of Minnesota, will discuss: The myth of will power;How to ignore a tasty cookie;Why you keep gaining weight you’ve lost;2 simple strategies to eat healthily;What we can learn from a lean pig.How diets can be bad for you;How stress affects your weight;How healthy does not necessarily mean skinny. Spread the word about this Gab with the Gurus Show to your frustrated friends and relatives, who keep failing at their diets. Photo credit: Traci's author photo by Richard Wadey-James