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Jul 9, 2015

Dog and cat owners, this Gab with the Gurus Show is for you!  My guest today is Dr. Dennis Thomas, a 30-year veterinarian, who will open your eyes in a big way about how to care for your beloved pet. On this Gab with the Gurus, Dr. Thomas, author of the new book, Whole-Pet Healing, will tell you: Why after more than 20 years of being a traditional practiciing veterarian, Dr. Thomas began treating pets holistically to develop a comprehensive head-to-tail program. Why he uses such unique healing modalities as acupuncture, Chinese herbs, laser therapy, pulsed electromagnetic therapy, energy medicine, nutritional counseling, and mind/body healing on people's cats, dogs and other pets. What he believes is the biggest problem of traditional veterinary medicine and why holistic pet care is important. Why he objects to the phrase “pet ownership” and what we should use instead. The top 3 ways pets can be treated holistically How pets don’t suffer, but we do What essential oils are best for your pet How you can balance your pet’s body Tell your friends and colleagues with pets about this fascinating show.