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Apr 25, 2011

Detox diets are front page news these days. But, according to environmental sciences medical physician Jeffrey Morrison, M.D., these programs are impractical for long-term use, and they can overwhelm your body’s systems and make you feel worse.  In this life-changing Gab with the Gurus Radio Show, Dr. Jeffrey Morrison -- author of Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind: Eliminate Environmental Toxins to Lose Weight, Increase Energy, and Reverse Illness in 30 Days or Less   -- will discuss his detox program and elimination diet that will help you drop weight and cure your ailments. Dr. Morrision, who has a bustling integrative medicine practice in New York City and who serves as Nutrition Consultant for Equinox Fitness Clubs, will tell you how toxins harm your body and how to do an elimination detox diet to address your health issues and prevent diseases. Dr. Morrison will tell you about the toxic links to such conditions as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and infertility. (The EPA estimates that more than 20,000 different types of chemicals cannot be metabolized by our bodies.)