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Jul 31, 2015

If you eat processed foods out of boxes, cans, jars, and packages, you must watch That Sugar Film, an amusing, new shockumentary (shocking documentary), which reveals how eating allegedly "healthy foods" can, in fact, demolish your health. Australian Director/actor Damon Gameau -- who is today's special Gab with the Gurus guest -- will blow you away when you discover what happened to his poor body in a mere 60 days, when he consumes only so-called "healthy foods." That Sugar Film -- which opens today in 11 United States cities -- features Gameau, who courageously treats himself like a human guinea pig while she poisons himself with six weeks of consuming some 40 teaspoons of sugar a day from processed foods. On this Gab with the Gurus Show, discover: How Damon gained some 20 pounds in only 6 weeks of eating allegedly healthy foods.How Damon got addicted to sugar even without eating any sweets!What most shocked Gameau about his hidden sugars-eating odyssey.How eating only Sneaky Hidden Sugars made wider, manic, confused, fuzzy-headed, aloof and lethargic.How supermarkets are full of processed foods full of Sneaky Hidden Sugars.How he cleaned up his diet after his life-threatening sugar odyssey.What most people, who eat processed foods need to know. Spread the word about this important Gab with the Gurus Show to your friends and family members.  Then share your comments on my Sugar Shock Blog, or on Facebook here and here.